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August 12, 2011 / kokok

Processor registers

In computer architecture, processor register is a collection of small computer memory that is able to work with very high speeds, which is used to execute computer programs. Rirarki processor registers in memory is the highest level, so the speed of the fastest and most expensive price of each bits. Registers are also used as the most rapid in the computer system to perform data manipulation. Read more…

August 10, 2011 / kokok

How it Works CPU

When data or processing-instruction is inserted into the devices, was first placed in the RAM (via Input-storage); here disaggregated data is a form of instructions stored by the Control Unit in the program-storage, but is a form of data accommodated in the Working-storage) . Read more…

August 6, 2011 / kokok

What is CPU?

Often called the CPU or Central Processing Unit is the computer hardware that implement work processes and data from the software. Supposing, that this is a computer component that implements the job. So the task is actually very heavy CPU such as data processing, calculating, searching, and other jobs related to the way a computer. Read more…

August 5, 2011 / kokok

Main Components of a Computer

At first the computer is a tool used for number crunching alone. However, over the times, the computer can help with the work in almost all areas of human life. The main thing is the job of processing the data. With advances in computer hardware which followed the development of software, as if the computer is the most sophisticated in the world today.
You need to know what exactly the computer is it? Read more…

July 4, 2010 / kokok

The monitor is not lit does not mean Damaged

Perhaps you have experienced something like this. Suddenly the monitor does not turn on your PC. You do not need to worry, because your monitor is not necessarily broken. If you have this your blogging activity disrupted right? So you may rest while blogwalking
There are several possible disruption in our tool. RAM Card Monitor or impaired. This is the first aid that we can do yourself before being taken to a service person.

Read more…