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July 4, 2010 / kokok

The monitor is not lit does not mean Damaged

Perhaps you have experienced something like this. Suddenly the monitor does not turn on your PC. You do not need to worry, because your monitor is not necessarily broken. If you have this your blogging activity disrupted right? So you may rest while blogwalking
There are several possible disruption in our tool. RAM Card Monitor or impaired. This is the first aid that we can do yourself before being taken to a service person.

To overcome this problem is not too difficult, these steps:
1. Open your computer case
2. Clean Card Monitor (VGA Card)
Once revoked, then you can clean by wiping or sand is slowly on the surface of the foot or the bottom of the card, because it is possible dirty, so electricity is not perfect.
3. Clean RAM
Similarly, gross Ram monitor card can also cause the monitor to die, for that we need to clean up. Same way with cleaning the monitor card.
4. Replace your VGA card and Ram and turn on your PC.
Well, That’s a light tip that you can do to overcome the damage to your PC. may be useful


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