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August 5, 2011 / kokok

Main Components of a Computer

At first the computer is a tool used for number crunching alone. However, over the times, the computer can help with the work in almost all areas of human life. The main thing is the job of processing the data. With advances in computer hardware which followed the development of software, as if the computer is the most sophisticated in the world today.
You need to know what exactly the computer is it?

The computer is a tool that has three main components namely:
1. The hardware components, ie components like the monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, printer and scanner.
2. Software components, namely the component consisting of program-program computer, such as operating systems, application programs and programming languages.
3. Brainware, that is, those who operate the computer, which consists of three categories of systems analysts, programmers and operators.

Hopefully the above can add to your knowledge about computers. Follow along the next post which will discuss computer hardware.


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