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August 6, 2011 / kokok

What is CPU?

Often called the CPU or Central Processing Unit is the computer hardware that implement work processes and data from the software. Supposing, that this is a computer component that implements the job. So the task is actually very heavy CPU such as data processing, calculating, searching, and other jobs related to the way a computer.

CPU included in the class of computer hardware. CPU is often called the processor.
The workings of the CPU to function as a calculator, only the CPU is much faster and more robust processing power. The main function of the CPU is to perform arithmetic and logic operations on data retrieved from memory or from information entered through some hardware, like keyboards, scanners, control lever, and the mouse.

There are three main parts CPU

  1. Control Unit, this section serves as a regulator of the course of the program, including, taking instructions-instructions from main memory and determine the type of instruction.
  2. Register, is part of the cpu to store data or programs that are being processed.
  3.  Arithmetic logic unit (ALU), serves perform arithmetic operations and logic operations defined by instructions.

This is a little knowledge about the CPU as part of computer hardware. Hope can be useful and wait for my next post.



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  1. gadgetboi / Aug 8 2011 7:20 am

    can’t wait the next post then :mrgreen:

  2. tomi / Aug 13 2011 1:43 am

    aihihi.. bahasa linggis.. bingung komentar apa mas 😀

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