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August 10, 2011 / kokok

How it Works CPU

When data or processing-instruction is inserted into the devices, was first placed in the RAM (via Input-storage); here disaggregated data is a form of instructions stored by the Control Unit in the program-storage, but is a form of data accommodated in the Working-storage) .
The next process is to register, if the register is ready to accept the work execution, then the Control Unit will take instructions from the program-storage for ditampungkan into Instruction Register, while the memory address that contains the instructions stored in the Program Counter.
While the data taken by the Control Unit of Working-storage to be accommodated in the General-purpose registers (in this case the operands-register). If the workmanship is done based instruction is arithmatika and logic, the ALU will take over the operation to do based on the instruction set. The results are accommodated in the Accumulator. If the result of processing has been completed, then the Control Unit will take the results of processing in the Accumulator to fit back into the Working-storage. If the overall construction has been completed, then the Control Unit will pick up the processing of the Working-storage to fit into the Output-storage. Then the rest of the Output-storage, processing results will be displayed to the output devices.


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  1. grandchief / Aug 10 2011 11:41 am

    Dulu pernah belajar tentang ini waktu kuliah tapi sekarang sudah agak lupa 😀

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